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Increasing competition requires businesses to ensure that every dollar is spent wisely.

Just throwing money at a problem doesn’t work in today’s budget-constrained, cost-savings focused environment. Finance professionals must ensure that assets, both human and capital, are being used efficiently.

Metrics such as revenue per employee and asset utilization are being closely monitored to make sure that investments are optimized.

With the increasing complexity of today’s IT environment, finance professionals are challenged with managing the predictability of IT costs and accurate budgeting.

3 financial benefits of digital transformation

Optimize your new and existing investments

Lower Costs

The dramatic growth in new digital services has led to a more complex IT infrastructure and an increasing need to scale. Businesses are provisioning new IT environments at a breakneck speed but must be careful to keep costs under control.

Left unchecked, the growth in assets can lead to unnecessary cost and wasted resources. By contrast, insufficient capacity in key areas can directly impact service quality and put a business’s reputation at risk. Businesses that fail to optimize their infrastructure are going to be unable to meet the scalability and cost requirements necessary to keep up with disruptive new competitors.

Lower your costs with:

Increase employee productivity by up to 75% and maximize use of assets

Increase Productivity

In our personal lives, consumer technology enables us to do things more efficiently, effectively, and enjoyably. But in the enterprise, interacting with IT can be frustrating and cumbersome. And when service management technology is outdated and complicated, productivity on both sides of the service desk drops.

IT needs to deliver tools that can help employees work smarter and faster. In addition, understanding how IT assets are being used can help identify areas for optimizing investments. For example, if a server or piece of software isn’t being used, it can be taken offline or have its license not renewed to save on costs.

Maximize productivity with:

  • Remedy 9: Remedy 9 is a mobile-first digital service management platform built for boosting workforce productivity. It makes complex IT simple.
  • BMC Digital Workplace (formerly MyIT): BMC Digital Workplace is a self-service app that uses location, role, and preferences to guide employees to the answers and tools they need.
  • Discovery (ADDM): BMC Discovery improves IT staff efficiency and problem-solving with automatic discovery of data center inventory, configuration, and relationship data.

Predict costs with software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions

Budget Accurately

Many finance professionals struggle to accurately forecast IT costs. Software-as-a-Service options enable you to more accurately forecast and budget IT infrastructure costs.  All hardware and software costs are charged at a predetermined fixed rate per time period. In addition, there is lower cost to entry, easy scalability, and no need to worry about maintenance, upgrades, and security.

Take control of your budget with:

  • Remedyforce: Built on Salesforce App Cloud, Remedyforce enables you to deliver high-speed digital service management that empowers users and accelerates the business, with minimal capital investment.
  • TrueSight Intelligence: TrueSight Intelligence is a cloud-based big data analytics platform that helps you collect and analyze machine, business, and operational data, from virtually any source, in real-time.
“Deloitte and BMC provided a platform upon which to build and evolve new capabilities and improve service operations. The SSE (Service Support Environment) program helped make it possible for DISA to deliver an initial $47 million in cost savings while improving the user experience and response time of service requests.” — Jennifer Ertler, Principal, Deloitte Consulting