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Control-M Workload Automation 9.0: Administering

This course provides instruction and hands-on practice in the setup, administration, and customization options of the distributed systems Control-M Workload Automation solution. Control-M Workload Automation is a monitoring and management tool for the enterprise batch-scheduling environment. It allows users to manage job processing across all distributed systems platforms supported by instances of Control-M/Server and Control-M/Agent.

You will receive additional training in the creation of job processing definitions, as required to support administrative functions.

Included in this course is an optional examination for BMC Accredited Administrator: Control-M Workload Automation 9.0.

Major release:

Control-M 9.x

Good for:


Course Delivery:

Instructor-Led | 40.00 hours

Course Modules

  • Architecture and Components
    • Introduction to Control-M Workload Automation
    • Control-M/EM Components
    • Control-M Add-Ons and Application Plugins
    • Control-M Workload Automation Installation
  • Connecting Components and Setup
    • Installing and Configuring Control-M/Servers
    • Installing and Configuring Control-M/Agents
    • Introduction to Defining Users
    • Verifying the Environment
  • Automated Workflow
    • New Day Processing
    • Time Zone and Daylight Saving Time Configuration
    • Additional Setup
    • Creating Jobs
    • Defining Viewpoints
  • Managing and Monitoring the Environment
    • Starting and Stopping Control-M Components
    • Configuring Control-M/EM System Parameters
    • Configuring Exception and Usage Alerts
    • Managing Control-M Components
    • Using the Control-M Reporting Facility
  • Remote Hosts and Application Plug-ins
    • Agentless Job Execution Setup
    • Installing and Using Application Plug-ins
  • Control-M Add-Ons
    • Install and Configure Control-M/Forecast
    • Install and Configure BMC Batch Impact Manager
    • Install and configure Control-M Self Service
    • Control-M Workload Archiving Overview
    • Control-M Workload Change Manager Overview
  • Security and Auditing
    • Control-M/EM Auditing and Annotation Introduction
    • Control-M/EM Security
    • LDAP and Active Directory Support
    • Control-M/Server Security
    • Control-M/Agent Security
    • Control-M/EM Administrator Passwords
  • Feature Management
    • Connectivity Management
    • Job Definitions Version Management
    • Database Backup Utilities
    • Control-M High Availability
  • Workload Management
    • Managing Flow Control
    • Host Management and Host Groups
    • Workload Management
  • Upgrading and Troubleshooting Control-M
    • Upgrading Control-M/EM and Control-M/Servers
    • Upgrading Control-M/Agents
    • Control-M Workload Automation Client Deployment
    • Troubleshooting Control-M
    • Additional Resources