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Telecom leader cuts provisioning from weeks to minutes via the cloud

  • Mobily

    4 months

    to cloud

  • Mobily

    99% faster

    server provisioning

  • Mobily


    service fulfillment

Business Challenge

One of Saudi Arabia’s largest mobile telecommunications companies and a regional leader in IT optimization, Mobily embarked on a strategic initiative to use cloud and automation to enhance quality of service for internal users. Critical success factors included the selection of a platform to automate the delivery of diverse cloud services and provide a simple, straightforward interface for service requests and management.

BMC Solution

Mobily completed its cloud implementation with the help of BMC Consulting Services and its Rapid Deployment Service, with internal users trained by BMC Educational Services. The company uses BMC Cloud Lifecycle Management for automated service request fulfillment.

Business Impact

With BMC Consulting Services, Mobily was able to define project requirements and complete the implementation within the defined timeframe. The cloud offers the scalability to accommodate expanding business needs over time.
  • The deployment service completed the private cloud implementation in only four months, including analysis, building, testing, soft launch, stress testing, and hard launch.
  • Automation enables fully unattended service fulfillment provisioning for a considerable savings in manpower.
  • Instead of 4–5 people working 3–4 weeks to provision a server, provisioning occurs automatically in approximately 35 minutes.
  • Reliability has risen dramatically due to increased control and adherence to predefined standards.
  • The intuitive and easy-to-use interface speeds user adoption for faster value realization.

“There were several key factors in our choice of BMC. These include its ability to support heterogeneous operating systems and virtual platforms, its quick time to market, the comprehensive functionality in terms of cloud lifecycle management, and the scalability of the solution, which we will roll out across our multiple data centers.”

— Medhat Amer, CIO, Mobily

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