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Multinational insurer delivers innovation to 31 million customers

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Business Challenge

One of Europe’s largest insurers, Aviva faced growing demand from its 31 million customers for new digital ways of doing business. To enable this transformation, the company needed to rapidly develop innovative digital products while achieving its goals for agility, quality, and cost reduction. Aviva also needed to introduce products and enhancements as quickly as possible without disrupting its existing online experience—shutting down its website to implement changes could easily send consumers to a competitor’s site.

BMC Solution

Aviva IT uses BMC BladeLogic to manage and automate application releases as well as fixes and enhancements to its production system. The solution supports a rapid deployment strategy to implement individual production changes as soon as they are available without taking down revenue-generating websites.

Business Impact

BladeLogic helps Aviva bring new digital products to market more quickly, with competitive pricing made possible through improved efficiency and reduced overhead costs.
  • The ability to implement production changes in real time enhances competitive advantage, ensures uninterrupted service, and improves team morale by reducing the need for weekend deployments.
  • Automation and efficiency lower overhead and overtime costs, helping the company price its products competitively and deliver greater customer value.
  • Built-in compliance checking and one-click reporting ensure that Aviva is always audit-ready.
  • Server and network vulnerabilities can be identified, diagnosed, and remediated proactively to resolve issues in hours—not weeks.
  • By implementing smaller changes throughout the week rather than rolling them up into larger weekend deployments, Aviva reduces risk and improves quality.

“By fast-tracking the rollout of changes and improving the availability of our revenue-generating sites, BladeLogic is enabling IT to drive Aviva’s transformation to digital. At the same time, it’s reducing business risk through more effective compliance and keeping our costs in check through automation.”

— Graeme Hall, IT Manager, Aviva

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